Medical Socks Explained

Medical Socks - Diabetic socks, bariatric socks, loose top socks, non slip socks, grippy socks, extra wide socks, extra large socks, compression socks and bed socks

What is a Loose Top Sock, Bariatric Sock, Socks for Orthoses such as AFOs & KAFOs, Non Slip or Grippy Socks, Bed Socks?

Here at The Sockery we have socks for everyone's needs - be it a fashion need or something more serious like a medical need. As the Sock Specialists we hope to take some of the guess work out of what sort of sock may best suit your particular needs so here are some of our Medical Socks Explained.

Loose Top Sock or Health Sock
A sock with a no Elastic Top that doesn’t fall down!
So who needs a loose top sock? Some people wear them for comfort as they don’t enjoy a sock digging in around the ankle or calf. But for people with diabetes, circulation problems or cold feet, chilblains, swelling, wide ankles or mobility issues a loose top or health sock can make the world of difference in day to day life.

Bariatric Socks
A bariatric sock is an extra wide sock made for people with Lymphedema, or any conditions where feet, ankles, or legs become wide or swollen. Bariatric socks are wide in the foot, ankle and calf to allow for stretch up to 30 inches but still stay up! Extremely easy to get on they are great for anyone with mobility issues, struggling to bend to put a sock on over a foot. A bariatric sock can also be useful for keeping toes warm for those with a leg or foot cast as the sock has enough stretch to fit over most casts.
A Bariatric Sock is an extremely wide sock – for those not needing so much stretch The Sockery also has a range of Extra Wide Socks in a range of colours.

AFOs & KAFOs – Socks for Orthoses
An AFO, Ankle-Foot Orthosis, or KAFO, Knee-Ankle-Foot Orthosis, is any device designed to control or restrict the movement of the foot, ankle, leg or knee. Most commonly made from thermoplastics, AFOs can require some assistance in being a bit more comfortable to wear! Knee high socks play a great part in providing this comfort, worn under the AFO, sometimes folded over the top to stop rubbing.
We have also found that people wearing AFOs or KAFOs may not only wear a knee high sock under the orthosis but also a non-slip sock over the top to make it easier for those that can walk on the orthosis to not slip on hard surfaces.
You can find Women's Knee High Socks here, Men's Knee High Socks here and Kid's Knee High Socks here.

Grip Socks/Hospital Socks
Non Slip Socks, Grippy Socks, Hospital Socks, Mobility Socks…. Call them what you will. What these socks can do is provide confidence for people prone to falls or mobility issues with their grippy dots on the sole giving greater traction. Slippery floors, often found in hospitals and aged care facilities, are no longer a barrier to getting out of bed or walking around. Non-Slip Socks are also great for performance activities like Pilates, Yoga, Barre and Dance.

Bed Socks
One of our most popular socks... and it's easy to understand why. There is not much worse than cold feet ruining an otherwise good night's sleep. Our Super Soft Thermal Bed Socks are great for those with poor circulation, or swelling, resulting in cold feet. Woven in a relaxed fit using long fibre wool fleece for maximum warmth they also feature CoolMax weave technology to keep sensitive skin dry and irritant free.

Compression Socks
Compression Socks help with foot and leg fatigue – we love them so much we dedicated a whole blog to them which you can read in more detail here

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