Make Sammy the Socktopus. Great School Holiday fun!

Make Sammy the Socktopus. Great School Holiday fun!

No or Low Sew Sock Craft

How to make Sammy the Sock-topus

A great activity for kids while on school holidays, in lockdown or on a rainy day. At The Sockery we love repurposing & recycling so give an odd sock another life with Sammy the Sock-topus!

What you’ll need;
- A single sock (let your imagination run wild!)
- Stuffing (think sustainably and repurpose some old newspaper, pillow stuffing or shredded fabric)
- Repurposed buttons or wobbly eyes, felt or fabric for eyes
- String or wool
- Needle and thread if you are using buttons for eyes or don't have a glue gun
- A glue gun if using stick on eyes

Off we go!

Stuff the sock, with your chosen form of stuffing, to form a head.

Once you feel the head is large enough, tie off with string or wool just below the head to keep the stuffing in place. Make it nice and solidly packed and tie the string firmly under the packaging to create a nice fat and full head.

Use scissors to cut upwards through remaining length of the sock, below the head, into 8 lengths for the tentacles.

With a glue gun, or sewing if using buttons, to stick or sew eyes and possibly a mouth on. Eyes can be anything – bits of felt, old buttons or wobbly eyes like we have done here.

Finally, so Sammy the Sock-topus can be hung up to show the glory that are his tentacles, attach a loop of ribbon at the top with glue or sew with thread and hang him high and proud!


Have Fun!

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