A Sock in a Card - the 'Other' Gift Card

Sock in a Gift Card - quality bamboo socks packaged in a gift card for the perfect present for any occasion

A sock in a gift card - what could be better?


Choosing a gift for someone is difficult enough without having to worry about the logistics of getting it delivered, choosing gift wrapping and then a card on top. Sure you can purchase a traditional gift card with a monetary amount, so the recipient can make their own choice, but sometimes a more personal touch is required.


That is where The Sockery has the perfect solution... A quality Bamboozld bamboo sock beautifully packaged in a gift card.

Whatever the occasion we have a sock and a card to fit. There is obviously the fact that Christmas is imminent but we also stock a range of occasion free cards as well as cards specifically noted for birthdays, celebrations, ones for dad, PacMan and various hobbies too!


So whatever the occasion there is a sock beautifully packaged in a card for you. There is room to write your own personal message on the inside of the card below the printed message or blank inside. As a courtesy The Sockery is more than happy to write a brief message on your behalf and have your present shipped direct to the gift recipient, taking all the stress and worry about gift giving away for you!





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