Life is too short for doing laundry!

The Soksack - a washing bag for socks. Store and wash your socks so you never lose another sock again.

Sort the laundry in one step using a SokSack laundry bag.

Leave it hanging on the back of the kids door (or your door!) for them to pop their dirty socks in, pop the whole SokSack in the wash, transfer to the dryer or washing line and hang them back for the kids to pair up and sort. No chance of socks going missing in the washing machine 'mystery', being scooted under the kid's bed or being mistaken for another family members. And even better the kids help with the laundry.

Sorting laundry is certainly not my most favourite task, I am yet to meet someone who loves it actually. Is that you? I bet it isn't...

So when there is one way that you can streamline the process then we are all for it! That is why The Sockery has newly added the SokSack to our store - we think it enhances the sock experience :)

So as an added bonus to the beautiful socks you buy, keep them safe, help them last longer and take a little bit of the pain out of washing day by adding a SokSack to cart.

Shop The Sockery here - or read more about SokSack here

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