Wool Socks - an essential part of your winter wardrobe

Quality Mens and Womens Wool Socks - Australian made wool socks, knee high wool socks, crew wool socks, wool hiking socks, wool bed socks. The Sockery is Australian Owned and based.

What are the real benefits of a wool sock? Wool socks are warm, soft and absorbent, so they keep your feet both warm and dry which is really important in the colder months.

Apart from being an excellent insulator, wool also absorbs and wicks moisture, which ensures you stay warm and dry whether you are working in the office, in the garden or even participating in sport. Wool, unlike some other fibres, doesn’t lose its insulating properties when wet which makes it the perfect adventure, outdoor, cold weather and all round performance fibre for socks.

Some of the Benefits of Wool Socks include;

  • Wool is an excellent insulator. Your feet will stay warm inside a wool sock no matter the outside temperature. A wool sock will also keep your feet from getting too warm in the warmer months.
  • Wool can absorb moisture, wicking it from the skin and also preventing feet feeling cold and damp. Even when wet wool retains its insulating properties. Wet feet and socks are the perfect breeding ground for fungus and blisters, so a wool sock helps avoid those conditions. This makes a wool sock perfect for those that love the outdoors, the perfect adventurer sock!
  • Wool is highly breathable and means a wool sock will help minimise sweaty or clammy feet. Wool’s natural anti-bacterial qualities help reduce pongy, smelly feet.
  • Once wet, wool dries a lot quicker than other fibres which makes a pair of wool socks really handy when travelling, they are also wrinkle resistant.
  • Wool socks are low maintenance making them perfect for travelling or those who are time-poor. Contrary to what a lot of people think, because wool fibres have natural anti-bacterial qualities, they resist odours and this actually means wool socks can be worn multiple times before washing! Just air overnight… Who doesn’t want to avoid doing more laundry than necessary?

So now we have sold you on the benefits of wool, right?
But that’s probably nothing new… you knew that already. But what is really cool (or warm in this case!) is that the old clunky, scratchy wool sock of the past is long gone.

With new technology and new fibre blending combinations being readily available in sock manufacturing, wool socks have all the benefits we’ve already discussed, but they are also, now, fashionable, silky, soft, sophisticated and stylish. So if you are looking at a quality allrounder sock for either work, adventure, travel or just snuggling up in front of the fire, then a wool sock could be your new best friend.

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