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Compression Socks

Compression Socks

        Many people wear compression socks for medical reasons like varicose veins, post-surgical recovery, poor circulation, and swelling, but actually almost anyone can benefit from weari...

clothing manufacturingSustainability Spotlight: Humphrey Law

Sustainability Spotlight: Humphrey Law

It’s so easy to pop a pair of lovely woollen socks on our feet and head out the door without thinking about how our socks are made.  Who are the people who make them? Where do they make them? HOW ...

Grip Socks

Grip Socks

Wearing socks with grippy bottoms, or non-slip socks provides several benefits: Safety: Grippy bottoms on socks provide traction and grip on smooth surfaces, reducing the risk of slips, trips, and...

Crazy Sock Day?

Crazy Sock Day?

Crazy Sock Day can be a great way to raise funds within your school or office. However we often find at The Sockery that parents are given little time to shop for suitable items for their kids to w...

clothing manufacturingWhat is Mercerised Cotton?

What is Mercerised Cotton?

What is the difference between cotton and mercerised cotton?

women putting smelly socks into the washing machine

How to wash your socks

Here are some tips to help prevent your socks from shrinking when you wash them: Always check the care label on the socks before washing. Socks made from different materials may require different ...