How to Make a Sock Puppet

How to Make a Sock Puppet



Use all those odd socks by making sock puppets - a great rainy day craft project.

With The Sockery in lockdown we understand things are a little crazy in a lot of households at the moment. Although lockdown hasn't affected our shipping of orders we've spent some time perfecting the art of Sock Puppets - and we want to share them with you! A great activity to keep the kids amused, or for the young and creative at heart.

The use of glue and scissors makes this an activity that must be done with supervision if children are involved.

What you need:
Sock, glue, cardboard, foam (optional), buttons or wobbly eyes, one polystyrene ball for eyes, glue gun, contact glue, wool or feathers for hair.

Cut a semi circle of cardboard the same width as the sock. Cut the foam if you are using it to be about 1cm slightly bigger than the card.


Turn the sock inside out. Use the glue gun to glue one side of the piece of cardboard and place it glue side down at the end of the sock as shown. Now glue the other piece of cardboard on the other side of the sock.


Now turn the sock the right side out and you can start to decorate your sock puppet. Use what ever you have on hand and personalise your puppet.


To create eyes you can use many things such as buttons or bottle caps. I used a small polystyrene ball that I cut in half which I then stuck wobbly eyes on using the hot glue gun.


Use some felt or material to create the inside of the puppets mouth. Attach with the hot glue gun.

Add hair – faux feathers or yarn are great for this.
We didn’t like the tongue added above, so it was cut a little smaller to make it the inside of the mouth and added a different tongue.

Have Fun!


We'd love to see your creations - hit us up on our socials and we'll share your sock puppets. Not social? :) email them to us at


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